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Conor McGregor vs Richard Branson face off

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  1. Carraway is gonna be like a caged animal when he gets in there…the love of his life got creampied by another Ultimate Fighter reject.

  2. Conor ready to fight everybody BUT Khabib or Tony 😂😂😂
    Referees, Irish Mafia, 70 year old billionaires lmaoo Conors a joke.

  3. Conor is on another level. He doesn't have to defend OR vacate, he does both and defecates on all yall bitches.

  4. I hope Bryan caraway comes in to the fight ripped, shaved head, big beard, and absolutely destroys his opponent. Let out all that miesha shit on his opponent

  5. Hahahahah! You cock suckers!

  6. Defend or vacate.

    That’s the only news I wanna hear about this absentee champion.

  7. As much as I disliked Caraway in the past (mostly out of jealousy because he was bangin Miesha) I am now extremely sympathetic towards him because of his loss of such a fine piece of ass and wish him nothing but the greatest of successes in the future for his career and I hope that Miesha looks back in regret for letting their separation happen.

  8. Glad Vitor is going to retire

  9. Bryan caraway, the guy who's wife is responsible for his ufc career

  10. What is this Faggotry?……

  11. They sucked each other off after the face off

  12. Caraway taking a fight to let out his anger of losing Miesha

  13. DJ successfully had his vagina lips sown shut

  14. khabeeb looks like a neandartalen or half monkey in that picture 0:20

  15. Thats one sick mural for Bobby Knuckles.Getting the love he deserves.

  16. Conor is going to call out Bill Gates. Will talk shit about Windows because it's transparent he's dodging Khabib.

  17. you know mma digest does not clickbait when you only notice conor's name was in the title after clicking the video.

  18. I though that was the nature boy ric flair

  19. I actually heard of Richard Branson before and i thought he was a member of a famous rock band from the 70's i didnt know he is a business man and a billionaire. lol

  20. Conner loves playing touch butt. Sometime it’s in a park against a dork with a pony tail or a multi-millionaire juiced to the gills on HGH.

  21. Conor then gassed out #FACT 😭😝😒

  22. "I am the Cartel" – el chapo

  23. Conor acts completely different when there’s someone richer than him in the same building

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