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Conor McGregor truly Regrets his actions that got him arrested,Derrick Lewis,Woodley on Colby

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  1. Bruh Weidman beat Gastelum who’s really actually a welterweight that cant make weight 😂😂 chill Chris!

  2. "I regret not getting my ass steamrolled by khalabeeb just kidding I don't"

    Cannar Mcfegit

  3. The ending was amazing mmaworld

  4. Glad to see Woodley is getting irked by Colby

  5. I don't believe a fookin word

  6. If you guys are from the streets, you know that’s the lawyers talking, Conor doesn’t regret shit

  7. Chris Weidman has a lot of heart, but he's become delusional.

  8. He still definitely does what he wants.

  9. Lmao that Romero knee must still have him loopy. Lose 3 in a row, then win one and you think you deserve a title fight? Lol sure

  10. White hating black guy vs white

  11. "I ain't never…." Fuck me. English, please.

  12. Howsabout apologizing to the midget whose eye you sliced open

  13. Conor just saying that BS lawyers making him say it guys a sport killer

  14. Covington stfu! You have the fake belt homie. Don't get it twisted! And fuck McGregor he isn't just saying what people want to hear. He's got some nice suits though.

  15. Conor's lawyer rehearsed bullshit

  16. Wideman piggy backing off off kelvins win streak. Kelvin has been more active and has more wins in a row than wideman. That's like saying Silva should get a title shot next bc he has the longest streak at middleweight.

  17. Connor doesnt even have to set foot in America EVER he can 1- stay out as he has made tax dept 100Millions 2- He has made Billions for UFC and 3- He apologized for breaking bus window and affecting rose and the fighters! 4- He doesnt apologize for wanting to fuck up the islamic goat fuck for bullying his good friend and thank God the islamic goat fuck didnt get off the bus as he would likely be dead!! we all know thats why goatfuck islamic didnt he was afraid scarred and a tough guy fake always hides yet throws big video of tell me where Il come is bullshit because 50 people txt him to come and he didnt an dwhen they asked goat fuck where are you hiding tough guy coward wouldnt say!!!! He knew he was wrong 1- for illegally insulting bulling lubov 2- for being the ORIGINAL CAUSE for the whole disruption!!!!! HISTORY KNOWS IF YOU DIDNT ILLEGALLY INSULT LOBOV THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED PERIOD!!!!!!

  18. Connor as fake as Colby's booboo belt

  19. Colby is annoying as hell. Im white too and his only fans are racists I bet.

  20. Talk about fucking scripted. What a bogus apology 🤣

  21. Woodley is never the A side. Not after his last 3 fights. His opponents may not go to sleep but we sure will😴 💤

  22. Conor's apology was faker than a pornhub advert telling me that 'local bitches wanna fuck'

  23. Haha Conor doesn't give a fuck but I'm not bothered

  24. Now I know what people went through listening to conor all the time.

    Am I really gonna have to listen to this faggot Colby for years to come? Please god no

  25. Before Covington beat RDA these videos were full of people in the comments posting timestamps to skip his rambling, people calling him this and that. Now nobody calls him anything, and a lot of people seem to be on his side. Boy do I hate fucking bandwagons. Bunch of drones…

    Oh, and by the way: 3:51 to skip all this Colby-Woodley boring bullshit.

  26. woodley better stick to which one of the kardashians have had a pabstmear this week you news bag

  27. pretty bad when ty-ron is going against the shity mouth colby aka I wear eye liner !! an ty-ron STILL !!!! comes off as a whiner suck hole !!!! I'm not a colby fan after what he has said about Canadians but if he beats tyron thats a wrap for woodley

  28. Conor gna roll bk into the courthouse on 26th july and rest his big Irish balls all over Judge Rinder's face

  29. Tyron Woodley makes me want to stop watching UFC

  30. Woooooooow lmao the clips they showed while Wideman was talking are priceless. "I controled the whole fight" meanwhile its showing him getting dropped by Gastelum XD

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