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CM Punk is Untalented, Robert Whittaker doesn’t want to Fíght Yoel Romero anymore, Colby Covington

CM Punk is Untalented, Robert Whittaker doesn’t want to Fíght Yoel Romero anymore, Colby Covington – Joe Rogan talking about CM Punk and he said he …

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  1. Do you want to see Romero vs. Whittaker 3?

  2. Lmfao of course he doesn’t 🙂 pussy Australian faggot

  3. Phil Brooks [CM Punk] is indeed untalented, and I said this from day one.
    What impressed me was his grit to take those shots and keep coming. That takes sand most guys don't have.

  4. Colby looks hella small at 170 lol he might be a fighter but not scared of his size.
    Stop talking and take that belt from Woodley… if you can.

  5. Well who wants to play the chicken dance again and get ragdolled and looking for an excuse

  6. Whittaker actually thinks he won that fight? Romero is the champ!

  7. @3:35 anybody else who thought it was their PC that made the sound?

  8. Francis is looking terrifying… What the fuck?? lol

  9. Whether anyone agrees or not, the FACT is that Robert won both fights. Yoel also came in heavy in the last two fights . Yoel had two chances and now it’s time for Robert to fight other people in the division.

  10. Whittake is scared ! Scared like a little boy!!

  11. Colby cringe Covington smallest biceps in MMA

  12. Yoel is the Champion so… Let Whittaker work his way back up by fighting the other No.1 contender Kelvin and then get back into contention. He didn't defend so no rematch

  13. Whitaker statically lost that fight of course he’s running

  14. Get your head out your asses people.. Yoel lost twice for the title and just because you believe he was robbed he deserves a THIRD shot at the title? Robert is right, do you expect him to fight the same guy forever? It's over yoel had his chance and failed twice time to move on and give someone else a Crack at the title

  15. Huge fan of both Yoel and Whittaker, i have no desire to watch them fight again. Let the man take on some new contenders and Yoel should move up in weight.

  16. The idiot that does bisbings podcast with him knows nothing. He said woodly does what Colby does except better. What? Woodly has dog shit cardio and is always backing up.

    Woodly isn’t a pressure fighter. Woodly dances around the ring avoiding the fight hoping for a one punch KO. .

  17. Whittaker vs Romero FOREVER !!!
    Make it happen Dana !!
    I'd literally watch them fight every day 'till the end of time.

  18. I don't watch pro wrestling but I know you have to be an athlete to do it. C'mon.

  19. Wow really he was greasing how pathetic quit crying you won the fight

  20. As great as those fights were, Whitaker makes a valid point. Romero can't make weight the division needs to move on. Whitaker vs gastelum I'd personally like to see next. I rate Whitaker so highly after seeing he's skills in full flow, the grit and determination he showed to battle on was second to none. What a fight, possible draw but I didn't mind the result.

  21. Can we just mute Coly Covington until the Woodley fight? He’s like a dog in the house barking at cars driving by.

  22. I want to see a 3rd fight just not right away, let them fight other fighters

  23. There’s a point in your life when you gotta call it a day. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks unfortunately. But HUGE respect for CM Punk for giving it his all and not giving up. He was the true winner of that fight. Fuck Mike Jackson for humiliating him in the fight.

  24. I genuinely couldn’t believe punk has been training 4 years, watching him in the octagon I genuinely thought he just started

  25. Yoel deserves another shot in my opinion

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