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CM Punk deserves to be in the UFC Because he works his butt off,Joe Rogan on CM Punk,GSP and Gorilla

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  1. Woodley is retarded he said Colby is racist to whites and against people with glasses. Lmao. Don't like Trump but loves Obama who deported millions of brown people and dropped tens of thousands of bombs on brown people, losing more troops than Bush in the process.

  2. Tyron "say anything to secure career in LA" Woodley

  3. Lol people used to joke about woodley calling everyone and everything a racist .. then this happens

  4. How can Florian say that but not address the commission stopping his weight cut an hour early? Stop acting blind

  5. Gorilla to Gsp : Yous will do fokin nottin!!!

  6. It's not like coby had (white power) tattoo on his chest!
    Would that be racist???

  7. yayaya that diaz gorilla scene lol! Love you guys

  8. Yoel will make weight when the commission doesnt fuck him over.

  9. Tyron Woodley: "Colby is a racist"

    Jorge Masvidal: "Huh??"

    Tyron Woodley: "He's racist to people who wear glasses"

    Everybody on Earth: "Dafaq???"

  10. “He’s racist against people who wear glasses?” Colby really is in Woodley’s Head 😂

  11. Wow T-Wood starts this vid with “he’s racist to every nationality and ppl with glasses” and ends with “Punk deserves to be in the UFC”.

    Punk is a G….more like punk keeps taking L’s

  12. oh the race card, bravo, you idiot, bravo.

  13. this is why nobody likes woodley. what an anoying little bitch. every single thing is racism.

  14. He racist for callin Brazilians filthy animals – I agree
    He racist to people in Ferguson – okay…sure..
    He racist to people wearing glasses – wait, what nigga?

  15. He is from Florida. definitely an asshole 😂

  16. I'd love Woodley to lose this fight. Tyrone is the most annoying sportsman in history. Never defends and pulls the racist card the moment He is challenged.

  17. Dope ass end lmao! Thanks MMA WORLD..

  18. Well if he is racist towards everyone, then he is not racist, he hates everyone equally. Racism means singling out one group over others.

  19. "The trump thing" what trump thing? Since when does trump equal any sorta racism? And I believe the word Woodley is looking for is Prejudice not racist… big difference

  20. racist toward people that wear glasses… that is not a race. That guy is an idiot

  21. Gorilla "Rush St. Pierre" Ramboooooooooo!

  22. Im calling Tyrone Woodley racist ..this dude always brings shit talking back around to skin color.how come that only happens with him??. its sickening .thats a rasict prick. .love to all 🤘😆🤘

  23. I don't understand the logic of somebody who should be in the UFC because they work hard. Does skill and talent not matter anymore?

  24. dangerous to support the president of America – I'm not even american but good god stfu about that, the hatred for one man is so huge it makes everyone think retarded. I hope Colby wins just to not hear Tyrone woodley race baiting soy milk comments again.

  25. Woodley is the racist bitch!!! Everything he (& whoever that other clown is) was blatantly racist!!! “There’s people in Ferguson…” “He’s racist towards everybody” blah blah… Complete POS!!! Fuck his bitch ass & fuck them!!!

  26. Tyquil is such a fucking bitch……Yeah nowadays if you like the POTUS you're a fucking racist. Yeah Woodchip fucking threatens COLBY"S life by some racist thug filthy animals, I can't wait to see Tyquil's stupid face when Covington takes his title. I will piss myself laughing.

  27. Tyron "Datz Raycist" Woodley

    He's racist to people that wear glasses! 🙂

  28. That glasses line was hilarious. I wonder how many people actually believe Woodley believes that?

  29. Kolby Khaos Kovington aka "KKK" racist

  30. Just because you work hard doesnt mean your good enough. Fuck off you’re too shit

  31. If Woodley really hates Colby like that, I hope he really beats the shit out of him and dont be running around for 5 rounds

  32. If you call someome racist with no evidence then you are an asshole/racist

  33. I didn't mind all the racist talk that Woodley did but this is too much.

  34. Didnt Romero follow the system but the commission broke the rules?

  35. LMAO where you at George?
    If GSP(best welterweight of all time) couldn't even defend himself self in front of a gorilla then why Conor is comparing himself with a gorilla.
    He couldn't even KO Nate or even Floyd babyweather.

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