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Ceremonial Weigh-In Highlights | Weigh-Ins | UFC 218

The fighters faced off in Detroit during the ceremonial weigh-ins on Friday. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch …

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  1. Alvarez gunna murk gaythje

  2. Holloway look like a tweaker

  3. Rooting for Overeem for the 1st time ever ..

  4. Max is trying to be like conor

  5. With all respect Aldo’s just looking old and brittle 😕

  6. Joe rogan yelling is horrible

  7. I'm jizzin all over the place for this card.

  8. Francis looks ready to work. First round tko

  9. Can anyone tell me When are these fights happening ? If you do thanks

  10. Jose " I never even tried to learn garbled engish" Aldo.

  11. dam.that translator…..

  12. 11 fight win streak.

  13. I hope this Australian 🇦🇺 kid beats Aldo!

  14. Don’t bring the dog 🐶 out of Eddy

  15. I hope this Australian 🇦🇺 kid beats Aldo!

  16. Plot twist: it isn’t what it isn’t 😱

  17. i would like to see ngannu win against overeem but im going to have take overeem

  18. Hollay baby by ktfo in the 3rd or 4th

  19. big test for gaethje, we gonna see if he's real

  20. One of the toughest guys on the planet is named Francis. Go figure.


  22. I think Aldo retires if he loses. It just seems as if he's not completely in it. I hope I'm wrong.

  23. learn english you filthy animal!

  24. Lol I didn't know overeem changed his nickname

  25. Respect to Alvarez and Gaethje for being so professional great fight in the making can't predict the outcome

  26. I hope Alvarez vs gaethje is a slug fest for the ages

  27. i just don't see aldo being able to make it happen, leg kicks or not

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