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Brian Ortega interview | Weigh-In | UFC FIGHT NIGHT

Ortega caught up with Laura Sanko after making weight. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON FOX: http://foxs.pt/SubscribeUFCONFOX ▻Watch the latest content UFC on FOX content: http://foxs.pt/TheLates…

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  1. Dude has blood shot red eyes lololol

  2. Brian “Pretty Boy” Ortega

  3. Weigh cutting is the worst feeling ever. I use to do it when I boxed. Walk around 175 cut weight to 156

  4. Yeah he looks like he had a bad fucken weight cut lol

  5. talk to her not the camera. he's either nervous, awkward, or very attracted to Laura. Or all 3.

  6. Laura. Please join me in my hotel room for a private audition. Pm me for details.

  7. Ortega seems calm and ready. I see this fight going all 5 rounds

  8. Weird body for a former ped user.

  9. Why can't I see the comments?

  10. this blonde is megan Anderson's girlfriend

  11. Let’s go T-city!!! Black belt surfer 🏄

  12. Harbor Area
    This guy will be champ Mark it

  13. RIP Brian who the fook is that guy

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