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Amanda Nunes talks to Megan Olivi | POST-FIGHT | INTERVIEW | UFC 224

Megan Olivi caught up with Amanda Nunes after her dominant title defense against Raquel Pennington in Rio on Saturday. SUBSCRIBE for more from UFC ON …

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  1. What are your thoughts here?

  2. When she fought women her size she struggled she’s a weight bully that’s it fight someone your own size

  3. amanda nunes won me over with this fight.

  4. I honestly think Amanda lost to Valentina, why not do an immediate rematch to settle it?

  5. She's bulshitting about being hurt she just doesn't want to fight cyborg that's the fight everybody wants to see because I'm tired of her that's the fight Dana White needs to make that's the only one that makes sense

  6. Amanda Nunes scares tf outta me

  7. She is Dern's English tutor. Jokes aside though Nunes is a straight up beast

  8. She is a great champion. She's humble, real,coachable and highly skilled. I wish her the best in Brazil.

  9. Amanda could've KO'ed Pennington a lot sooner. She went easy on her.

  10. Nuñez and Cyborg will be one of the greatest female fight of all time, it needs to happen

  11. Anyone else think megan looks like the mom of veronica on riverdale?

  12. Nunes vs cyborg ‘’the battle of the steroids’’.

  13. Cyborg is the great white shark and Amanda gonna feel that bite real soooooon lol

  14. Surprised she didn't say cyborg. I assume she's not scared of her. Scared of losing perhaps. It's time to make the fight

  15. Nunes breaking everyone’s nose. First meisha, now rocky.

  16. I don't think Nunes v Cyborg will happen cuz Cyborg can't make weight at 135lbs. She said she walks around at 170lbs – 185.

  17. Who did she say was her training partner at ATT?

  18. She already said she no longer wants to fight Cyborg, so don't even think about it guys.

  19. GDR knew that’s what would happen when she literally handed Cyborg the belt

  20. Nunes/Cyborg. Anything else now is just Hocus Pocus.

  21. She fought Rocky? Lucky it wasnt Rocky Balboa.

  22. She was weally weady fo waquel

  23. Cyborg vs Nunes ? MAKE IT HAPPEN DANA

  24. I think Ronda deserves the rematch
    She just had a lil ring rust

  25. Cyborg will eat this lil lioness

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