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14 Yoel Romero Moments

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  1. lol How can you not like yoel

  2. I totally fogay cheezus

  3. this guy belongs in the character select screen of Tekken

  4. this guy epitomizes what is wrong with the world, his emotional attachment to a flag and religion is just pure insanity and why humanity will never be properly civilized

  5. Yoels translator is also a fucking legend. the best one in the game

  6. you scared about me…fack you!

  7. Dont for get to like, comment and subscribe….. "HMMMGH"

  8. Glad for Yoel, I'm routing for him in a Whittaker rematch!

  9. I wish this man was 10 years younger

  10. Love or hate Yoel . Dude is a monster

  11. When he gets serious and talks to helwani about his flag, holy shit chills.

  12. did you use the clip where his manager injects the steroids into his ass?

  13. Y tú eres Cristiano no te rebajes a ese nivel del inconverso

  14. Yoel romero es un hombre que ama su patria

  15. I wanna be like Yoel Romero when I grow up.

  16. Mike Tyson vs Yoel Romero would be an epic fight both in there prime of course

  17. Saludos a toda la gente de Cuba.

  18. explosive talented pant shitting cheating stool sitting soon to be champ juice monkey.

  19. I love Romero and wish him nothing but success. Still gutted, he never got to put his hands on Bisping! (-___-)

  20. the grunt at 0:44 made Bisping go unconscious when he heard it, way worse when Hendo put him to sleep

  21. Bisping is the biggest CUNT

  22. Yoel is bispings alpha and he knows it. He is a monster with faith and pride, which is extremely dangerous because he believes in himself and his talent while bisping is on a downward spiral if he admits it or not.

  23. No for gay Jesus people

    -Yoel Romero

  24. 4:30 Go for jesus,but not for gay jesus people

  25. 1:05 Please add this audio on your future videos, MMA digest.😅🙏🏽

  26. Ariels flag is the star of david

  27. Bisping and yoel would sell tf out. Yoel is one intense mf man 💯but we all know bisping scared asf

  28. he keeps saying where are you.. is he talking to bisping? i know hes not talking to those three pounds he couldnt lose.

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