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10 Memorable Post Bout Selfies / Pics

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  1. Roby va Rory was a nasty fight
    Makes you question the safety of the sport really :/

  2. Warriors. These are the real fighters.

  3. hey mma digest, explain your situation of uploading random vids of ancient events, dont treat your fans this way brah…

  4. I would like to see more pictures of people post-KO.

  5. Volkan is a real professional. Very underrated as a fighter and as a person. Respect!

  6. Tthose women cant take pictures of their beat up face without filters, Photo Shop and duck face SMH.

  7. Dan Henderson has fucked up a lot of peoples faces

  8. MMA DIGEST, can we please get a straight forward comment from you about what happened last night ?

  9. Gustaffson must be really good then if he put roided up jones in the hospital

  10. Great video! Great warriors!

  11. There was another one with Alan Jouban and Gunner Nelson if I remember correctly.

  12. wow! watching all these fights from the comfort of your home makes you almost forget how truly brutal this sport is. as a fan you don't know what the fighter is going through 24 hours after the fight.

  13. bro that was fucking beautiful! warriors mate <3

  14. Lawler vs Macdonald ❤️👊🏻 ftw

  15. My boy Shogun had retardism after the hendo fight

  16. Also saw Kamaru Usman training with Emil Meek yesterday so respect to those two gentlemen.

  17. Volkan is a real motherfucker, because he was also rooting for DC against Stipe. I love it when fighters show each others respect after a fight.

  18. GSP face after Hendricks baptized him?

  19. Dont let this regular upload distract you from all the other random clips from today.

  20. This is why we need to respect fighters. They fight for our entertainment and we have to see that at the end of the day, they are as human as the people watching them.

  21. You forgot the post bout selfie of Artem with his 3 belts

  22. no BJ Penn and Nick Diaz after their fight?

  23. So what was up with those weird uploads ?

  24. Please re upload 10 honest moments with mma fighters

  25. shogun is like fuck this guy

  26. "You hate me because i am black"
    Brendan Schaub

  27. was there a pic with DC and Gus?

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